The Redwood Empire Collectors Club held its first meeting in January, 1991, and has met on a regular basis since. Meetings are held monthly except for a summer barbecue or picnic, a Christmas event, and our October WINEPEX show.

There are currently over 20 active members, all of whom could be termed ardent philatelists. Although we meet in Petaluma, our members come from all over the Bay Area.  Meetings normally include dinner, a short business meeting, and a speaker.  Since 1991 we have had over 150 philatelic presentations - including such topics as “District of Columbia Early Postmarks”, "Charity Stamps of Russia" and the “First Issue of Austria.”  We prefer this approach to perusing circuit books.   Many of our members are quite specialized in their collection and others collect the entire world.

Other examples of presentations:  Behruz Nassre gave a presentation on "The Classic Lions of Iran 1865-1879", and Stephen Tedesco presented "The U.S. 15¢ Webster of 1870 from Model to Finished Die". His related single frame exhibit later won the Champion of Champions award from APS.

In 1994 we held our first annual RECC sponsored WINEPEX show in San Rafael.  Our “Claim to Philatelic Fame” is that we only accept single frame exhibits at WINEPEX.  Because we have always encouraged exhibits from members, many have honed their single frame skills and gone on to exhibit in national APS shows and Washington 2006,  winning Golds, and Grands. More advanced exhibitors help new collectors create or improve their exhibits.


We are always looking for new members and consider ourselves an open, friendly club. We meet at a local restaurant in Petaluma, North of San Francisco in the Wine Country, on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 P.M.  If you would like to make a presentation, or simply attend as a guest, contact us using the information under the CONTACT-PLACE tab of this website.

We are affiliated with the American Philatelic Society and with the Council of Northern California Philatelic Societies.  To access their websites just push the corresponding blue bar tab below.


About our CLUB and Member Spotlight

Redwood Empire Collectors Club

Grandson Cooper's interest in stamps is a pleasure to see in the world of stamp collection.  Alan supports this hobby fully and has spent many hours working with him.

Member Spotlight  -  Alan Thomas

Alan Thomas was born in the Sunset District of San Francisco on April 7, 1941 and later fulfilled his vow to move to a warmer climate. He bought his first home in Fairfax and got to barbecue in the summer. Having a fondness for music and English he pursued these subjects.  He went to City College of San Francisco, majored in music.  At age 18, he already had ten years of piano

lessons and within a couple years, earned an Associate of Arts Degree in

Music. Later also a degree in Public Administration.  Careers were spent

with the U. S. Department of Labor (41 years), and more years than that

playing piano in bands, for accompaniment, and in every setting that

called for piano music.

When Alan was eleven, his father with employment in the U. S. Postal

Service started bringing home stamps and first day covers.  Alan’s parents

bought him a Minkus album. This resulted in both interest in U. S. and

world wide collecting.  Seventy years from the start, Alan is still collecting

and was pleased to present his unused collection of U. S. Airmail stamps to RECC in January 2020.  Alan is pleased to have interested his grandson Cooper, now age twelve, in collecting U. S. unused stamps. Cooper, 13 in July, devotes much time to studies, but now and then he and Alan confer about stamps as time allows.

Alan married his wife Barbara in 1976. In addition

to Cooper, Alan and Barbara also have an 11 year old

granddaughter Piper. Daughter Kimberly and

husband Mark  live about three miles from Alan’s
home and we have played a big part in looking after
the kids and spending much time with them. 

Alan joined RECC in 2005 and has enjoyed the membership and many varied programs that have occurred since he joined. Alan is grateful for the continuation of the club and hopes for further success into the future.

Alan spent 73% of his life as a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 

Sponsored by his father, Alan joined Morse Lodge No. 257 of San Francisco at

age 18 in 1959.  Odd Fellows is a benevolent and fraternal organization practicing 

“good brotherhood.”  Within two years Alan became the presiding officer

(Noble Grand) in 1961.  In later years, he served twice as Grand (State) Musician,

each term being with a different Grand Master (California presiding officer). He also served for twelve years with the Odd Fellows Foundation, where trustees serve to oversee a senior resident complex. He achieved Emeritus status for this service. Further responsibilities included a term as District Deputy Grand Master, an elective position for which the officer oversees eight lodges of San Francisco. Alan also had the concurrent position of installing the officers of these lodges during his term.

Alan’s wife Barbara joined Morse Lodge in 2004, three years after female members were accepted for membership being first female Noble Grand of Morse Lodge to hold this post.

Through Odd Fellowship met many people and made many friends, traveled up and down the state, visited numerous lodges and attended many receptions and other events. He filled a position with Morse Lodge that had been held by his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He is proud of this legacy and remains an active member.