WINEPEX 2017 Palmares

Dennis Hassler- Eight Centuries of Mail
Ron Matteri- Categories of Propaganda in Stamps
Kathy Samuels- Mark Twain on Post Cards

John Kofranek- Postal History of Humboldt Co. California from 1900-1915
Dennis Buss- A Survey of Netherlands  Surcharged Stamps: 1919 to 1958
Doug McGill- A Survey of the Postal History of the British Channel Islands 1794-1969
Jessica Rodriquex- 1889 Bernardo Soto Series of Costa Rica
Gale E. Self- Varieties of the Penny Black Plate 1-11
Vesma Grinfelds- Official Mail Postmarks of Riga: 1771-1860
Dennis Hassler- California Mails - 18th Century to Statehood

Bill Lenarz- Two Peso Abalone Exporta of Mexico, 1976-1985
Paget Leh Lenarz- A Landscape Architect's View of Expo's, 1904-1915,

                                                                                           Through Picture Postcards
Nigel W. Moriarty- Kauai Surf Hotel, Twenty-Five Years of Change, 1960-1985

Joe Ross- The 1880 Court Fee Stamps of Bahawalpur
George V. Shalimoff- The Varnish Lozenges on Issues of Imperial Russia

                                                                            and Soviet Russia in the Period 1901-1919

     Court of Honor  Edward Jarvis- Luxembourg Formular Cards 1870-1874

     AAPE Novice Award  Paget Leh Lenarz- 1st- A Landscape Architect's View of Expo's, 1904-1915,
                                                                                                 Through Picture Postcards

                 John Kofranek-2nd- Postal History of Humboldt Co. California from 1900-1915

                 Kathy Samuels-3rd- Mark Twain on Post Cards
     WE Sterling Achievement Award  John Kofranek- Postal History of Humboldt Co. California from 1900-1915
     AAPE Silver Medal of Honor Jessica Rodriquex- 1889 Bernardo Soto Series of Costa Rica
     Club 3rd  George V. Shalimoff- The Varnish Lozenges on Issues of Imperial Russia
                                                                            and Soviet Russia in the Period 1901-1919

     Club 2nd  Bill Lenarz- Two Peso Abalone Exporta of Mexico, 1976-1985
     Club 1st  Dennis Hassler- California Mails - 18th Century to Statehood
     Grand  Dennis Hassler- California Mails - 18th Century to Statehood

             Our sincere congratulations and thanks to all who exhibited at Winepex

        and to those who helped with the show.  Also a warm thank you to the dealers

          who have provided so much to the pursuit of our mutual collection interests.


                     ~ NO MEETING IN OCTOBER  -  WINEPEX!~

Our annual WINEPEX show and banquet take the place of our monthly meeting in October. 

Please come to the show. 

Read the exhibit titles below and visit with our dealers!

For WINEPEX, the banquet room has been reserved at the McInnes Center in San Rafael and we now have fourteen  exhibit entries.

Redwood Empire Collectors Club


HOLMSTEN AWARD:  Named after late APS President

Presented in Redding, California to the highest scoring exhibit displayed by a Council member at the designated show.     Our own Dennis Hassler!!

Dennis Hassler received GRAND Award at NOVAPEX  for his exhibit "Gold Rush Days", and he won the PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award at SOPEX  for his exhibit "Eight Centuries of Mail".


               NICK CARTER AWARD : Honored for their sustained volunteerism for philately:

          ED and Judy Jarvis,      David McNamee,      Roger Skinner,     Ed Laveroni

                       (Awarded at the APS Town Hall Forum at WESTPEX April 2018)



WINEPEX - October 5- 7, 2018

Exhibit Chair:

Dennis Buss  of RECC:


Held each year at the    Marin Civic Center

                                          San Rafael, California

Our show and dealer concession arena features wonderful one-frame displays and provides a perfect week-end philatelic entertainment for philatelists both local and national.

Copyright @ Redwood Empire Collectors Club (Stamps). All rights reserved.



​1 A French Stamp for Each of 59 French Colonies  Emmanuel Serrière*N

2 Are We There Yet?  Traveling in Four or More Countries   Larry Crain
3 New Zealand’s Postal Covers to Promote Children’s Health from 1929 to 1960   Victor Ivashin*
4 Angel Island: Postal Activity 1875 to 1945  Dennis Hassler
5 Guam Guard Mail:  April 8, 1930 to April 8, 1931  Bradley Fritts
6 Marin County: The Early Post Offices  Dennis Hassler*
7 Fifty Centavos Presidentes with “Correos de Chile” Legend:  1928-1937:  A Time of Transition  Bill Lenarz*
8 Netherlands Behind Bars:  The 1940 German Occupation Guilloche Overprints  Dennis Buss*
                            Non-Competitive Exhibits
9 Decorated Envelopes   Emmanuel Serrière*
10 Snoopy   Peanuts Gang*
11 Learning Some Basics of Philately with My Favorite Flower on Stamps, the Orchid  Reni Shalimoff
12 The Charity Stamps of Russia 1860-1930    Victor Ivashin*
13-14 The Good Old Days Stamp Dealers and Their Prices:  1875—1912       Dennis Hassler*
            * Denotes RECC member
           N Denotes novice  

DEALERS AT THIS YEAR'S PROGRAM                       

Bourse Dealer                                                                                                              Specialty

Mark Baker                                                                                                                                                  Postal History & post cards
PO Box 1210         Pollack Pines, CA 95726    

(530) 647-9025

The Classic Collector   - Sergio Sismondo                                                                       Worldwide classics, expertising
10035 Carousel Center Dr.      Syracuse, NY 13290
(315) 422-2231 

Crown Colony Stamps                                                                                                                             British Commonwealth
PO Box 1198      Bellaire, TX 77402
(713) 781-6563

Gary Hoecker                                                                                   U.S. including Revenues,
12042 SE Sunnyside Rd. #515                                                                                                     plate blocks, sheets, coil strips,
Clackamas, OR  97015        (503) 698-4128                                                                                                 EFOs
Kurt Schau                                                                                          Worldwide postal history
PO Box 659                                                                                                                                               Specializing in British Empire
Petaluma, CA 94953   (707) 347-6343 

Dick Keiser        D.K. Enterprises                                       WW stamps & postal history
 PO Box 1881                                                                                                                                        U.S.  and Worldwide Revenues
Silverdale, WA 98383    (360) 271-9026                                                                            Naval/Military censored & POW mails

Hunt & Co.                                                                                    U.S., British Colonies,
10711 Burnet Rd, Ste. 314                                                                                                                                    Worldwide
Austin, TX 78758              (800) 458-5745  

Wulff s Stamps                                                                          France & Cols., U.S.
5350 Commerce Blvd, Ste. G
Rohnert Park, CA 94928   (707)-890-5000 
Peter Sargent                                                                                           British Commonwealth
PO Box 4696
Hayward, CA 94540     (510) 887-0125  
Webster Stickney                                                                                                                             Worldwide postal history
7590 Windlawn Way                                                                                                                       Specializing in Russian areas
Parker, CO 80134      (303) 841-0316

Jim Taff                                                                                                                                                 Germany & Cols.
PO Box 19549                                                                                                                                 U.S., Confederate States
Sacramento, CA 95819   (916)454-9007                                                                                  Worldwide

Doug lams                                                                                                                                     Worldwide $1 cover boxes
P.O. Box 4123 
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Gary DuBro           
6166 N. Scottsdale Rd, Ste. B2007                                                                                    Worldwide postal history
Scottsdale, AZ 85253   (480)-284-8503