Our next meeting is May 17th at our new location.  Our meetings feature a meal which can be bought from the restaurant's menu. 

The new meeting place is Cafe Bellini in Petaluma.

Presentation by Lloyd Chan

"Alexander the Great as Depicted on Ancient Coins"


This meeting's presentation will be by our own memberLloyd Chan.  Lloyd is

active as officer and member in several groups and clubs that specialize in collecting coins and history.  He has been a teacher and lecturer at university levels and his own education  was at University California Davis. In the realm of coins and coin history Lloyd will present to us howruler Alexander the Great was depicted on ancient coins dating back to early Roman and Grecian times.  The portrait of the ruler on common currency was important promotion to the people that served him.   Lloyd is involved as President of the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum and is the Treasurer of the California State Numismatic Association.  Come listen to his expertise and learn about this valuable piece of history.

                           Thank you Lloyd your presentation!

Co-Presidents Nancy Jensen and Sharon Oman are organizing RECC meetings to be held in 2023. 

This meeting will be presided by Vice-President Stan Turrini and Nancy Jensen.

We need you to be at the meeting for the following reasons:
1. Discussion of Show-and-Tell brought items.  Bring items for sale as well.
2. Brain storming about Activities and Goals for RECC-- We need your input.
3. Presentation by Dr. Lloyd Chan.... "Alexander the Great on Coins"

4. Membership dues are due-- $25
                          Nancy Jensen always graciously mails the agenda .

It is a good time for us to continue to share our collecting interests in both philately and in other collections.  As collectors we at times don't just limit our instinctive gathering desires to philately.  In each of us dwells the accumulation spirit and we often seek those elusive, mysterious and precious items that warm our hearts.  Perhaps this is your opportunity to present to the attention of the club what you also collect and in doing such we will all experience humor, fascination and wonder.  Please contact Dennis Buss or Victor Ivashin by phone or email to arrange how we post your item in our Member Philately section of this site.  Thank

you One and All  for sending something along.   

     At a recent meeting Michael S. Turrini presented our

then President Dennis Buss with the coveted "My Hero"Award

This rarely given honor has been bestowed to those persons

that with their dedication and character have impressed

Michael to so be acknowledged. Our thanks to Michael for

his gracious presentation.

Redwood Empire Collectors Club


HOLMSTEN AWARD:  Named after late APS President

Presented in Redding, California to the highest scoring exhibit displayed by a Council member at the designated show.     Our own Dennis Hassler!!

Dennis Hassler received GRAND Award at NOVAPEX  for his exhibit "Gold Rush Days", and he won the PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award at SOPEX  for his exhibit "Eight Centuries of Mail".


               NICK CARTER AWARD : Honored for their sustained volunteerism for philately:

          Ed and Judy Jarvis,      David McNamee,      Roger Skinner,     Ed Laveroni

                       (Awarded at the APS Town Hall Forum at WESTPEX April 2018)