Here our club members are presenting some of the world's most collectible and desired items of philatelic interest.  Each month we will display items that are of a unique character, obscure or extremely hard to find, portray printing or other errors or are in general fun and interesting. When an item has high value the owner's name will not be listed.

For the month of January, a club memberhas offered his following postal items of philatelic interest, uniqueness and value......


Presented on the right are the two paired high value Finland Stamps from 1891.  Both show the typical small circles with dots that were the result of taking the Russia based dies and adding a modification to make them different than the Russian postal issues.

On the extreme left is the famous 3 ruble and 50 kopeck error of color, Scott 57a.

This was simply a color mistake and very few of these exist today, making them of high value, in the many thousands of dollars.  This one was postmarked in Egypt, adding to its rarity by being used in the post.

These stamps have been deemed "Finland's early transitional stamps" as during this time Finland was under Russia protective as a Grand Duchy.  Collectors of Russia collect these as during that time Czarist rule was in place over Finland.


Thank you for looking at these interesting Gems!