THIS MEETING IS NOVEMBER 15th 6 PM at the Cafe Bellini

                 There will be a presentation by club co-President Sharon Oman 

                                         The program title is:  NURSES on STAMPS
                                                      Nursing Grows into A Profession
This will be a topical presentation highlighting U. S. stamps and first day covers commemorating nurses who were pioneers in the field and nurses who turned nursing into the real, respected profession we all know today.

Since the presentation is topical, it concentrates on the subjects’ professional achievements and less on the provenance and details of the stamps and first day covers.

                                                    Please come to hear this presentation!
                                                           Thank you Sharon!

Co-Presidents Nancy Jensen and Sharon Oman are organizing RECC meetings to be held in 2023. 

This meeting will be presided by Presidents Sharon Oman and Nancy Jensen.

We need you to be at this get-together meeting for the following reasons:
        1.To see the Philatelic Presentation.
       2. See what special philatelic item members bring to show and talk about.
       3. Add some stamps, covers, postal history or other items to your collection
       4. Share your talent, skills, experiences and knowledge with our members.

                 Nancy Jensen always graciously mails the agenda , thank you Nancy.

It is a good time for us to continue to share our collecting interests in both philately and in other collections.  As collectors we at times don't just limit our instinctive gathering desires to philately.  In each of us dwells the accumulation spirit and we often seek those elusive, mysterious and precious items that warm our hearts.  Perhaps this is your opportunity to present to the attention of the club what you also collect and in doing such we will all experience humor, fascination and wonder.  Please contact Sharon Oman or Victor Ivashin by phone or email to arrange how we post your item in our Member Philately section of this site.  Thank you One and All  for sending something along.

     At a recent meeting Michael S. Turrini presented our

then President Dennis Buss with the coveted "My Hero"Award

This rarely given honor has been bestowed to those persons

that with their dedication and character have impressed

Michael to so be acknowledged. Our thanks to Michael for

his gracious presentation.

Redwood Empire Collectors Club

Our next meeting is November 15th at our new location.  Our usual meetings feature a meal which can be bought from the restaurant's menu. 

The new meeting place is Cafe Bellini in Petaluma.